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get your own custom alexa skill that's optimized for Amazon.com


Your custom skill will be available in Amazon's Alexa Skill Store (compatible with over 100 million devices).

in skill purchases

Make money by selling things inside of your Skill.

“Alexa, open my skill”

optimized for search

We also help you choose your invocation term so you can reach your target market and rank higher in the Skills Store.

hand crafted by a digital marketing UX expert

Kelly Johns is a 20+ year digital marketer with extensive experience in App Store Optimization, and UX design. He knows how to blend voice technology with marketing expertise, so you have a better chance at making money with your Skill.

Your competitors don't know about this...yet

Are your competitors on Alexa yet? Probably not, but they will be soon.

first to market?

Act now and be one of the first in your market to have an Alexa Skill.

Reach 100 Million Devices

NPR and Edison Research released new data showing that U.S. households have acquired 118.5 MILLION smart speakers through the end of 2018


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21 years of digital marketing and UX expertise
 blended with leading-edge voice technology.

We are full-stack voice skill developers.

skills.red voice skills. 231 E Alessandro A180 Riverside, CA 92508

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We will build your lead assistant so it works with VOICE (someone can call your exclusive number), TEXT (they can also text), Alexa (as a voice skill), Google Assistant (as a voice skill), and Facebook Messenger. 

We build custom interface for you that listens for certain requests, and fulfills those requests. 

We help you position your brand so that you have the best chance for discovery on Amazon.com, and the Google Assistant directory. These platforms have little competition, so now is the time to dominate their search algorithms. 

We not only build you a voice skill for Alexa, but your assistant is also custom engineered to work on several of the largest emerging (and established) platforms in the world. Amazon currently has over 100 million smart speakers on the market, and that number could double this year. Google claims to have over 1 BILLION Assistant enabled devices. This allows you to get on the newest and most exciting platforms before they are over-saturated. 

We are 20+ year digital marketers who have surpassed 3 million downloads in the App Store. We know how to create smart user experiences, we know how to position products and brands, and we know how to design technology that produces results. 

get your own custom Alexa Skill today