voice lead generation

get your own multi-platform lead-generating assistant


We build you a lead-gen voice assistant that functions as an Alexa Skill. Your custom skill will be available in Amazon’s Alexa Skill Store (compatible with over 100 million devices).

dedicated Phone #

You get a dedicated phone number that also runs on your custom lead-gen logic to collect leads via SMS (text messages) AND voice calls. Your assistant works 24/7 to collect leads while you sleep!

“Alexa, find luxury interior design”

Google assistant

We also build your lead-gen voice assistant as a Google Assistant action, which then becomes available on any device that supports Assistant (over 1 billion and counting)


We build your lead-gen assistant so that it also works on Messenger, making it easy for people to get quick answers, and give you their contact info, on Facebook and on your website (over 1 billion users)

Your competitors don’t know about this…yet

Are your competitors getting leads from Alexa, Google Home, or text messaging? Probably not, but they will soon.

Leads from several major platforms

We don’t just build you an Alexa Skill, we build you a system that works on several of the largest platforms in the world. Qualify your customers and get their contact info, while making it easy for your potential clients to book appointments.

Reach 1 billion Devices

Your lead-gen voice assistant works around the clock to grab leads for you on platforms that reach over 1 BILLION people every day.

Easy Access

Your lead-gen assistant emails your leads daily, or you can view them in your custom database.

How your Alexa Skill works

“Alexa, find custom home interior design”

Your prospective customer discovers you in the Alexa Store (Amazon.com or directly on an Echo, or other Alexa enabled device), and opens your Skill.

“What is your budget, and when are you ready to start?”

Alexa qualifies your customer first, then gets their email and phone number. Your voice lead-gen system sends them a text message.

Contacts are stored in your cloud Database

We build an easily accessible database for you that stores all of your contacts. 

The lead is delivered to your email

We send you an email each time you get a new lead so you can act immediately. 

How your Google Assistant works

Hey google, talk to custom home interior Design

Your prospective customer discovers you in the Google Assistant Store, or from inside the Google Assistant App. 

“What Is Your Budget, And When Are You Ready To Start?”

Your Google Action qualifies your customer first, then gets their email and phone number. Your voice lead-gen system sends them a text message.

Contacts stored in your cloud Database

Your contact is stored in your Cloud Database

The lead is delivered to your email

And you also get it via email!

Also works on Google Assistant (IOS and android)

Google Assistant is embedded in over 1 billion devices (including being the default assistant for Android devices). Your customers can access your lead-gen assistant anywhere Google Assistant is available. 

How your new phone number works

Your Assistant goes to work when someone calls or Texts your number

Included with your package is a dedicated phone number that your potential clients can message 24/7. Put this number anywhere (your emails, business cards, website, Facebook). It’s a great backup for when you can’t pick up your normal phone, and it generates leads for you while you sleep. 

“What Is Your Budget, And When Are You Ready To Start?”

Your number runs on the same logic as your Alexa and Google Assistant Skills. Your clients can chat back and forth with your assistant, and you can send them the info that they need. 

Contacts stored in your cloud Database

Your contact is stored in your Cloud Database

The lead is delivered to your email

And you also get it via email!

We can program your assistant to answer several different questions

We use a custom Natural Language router to listen to your client’s requests, and then give them the info they need. 

How your Facebook Messenger Assistant Works

Your Assistant also works with Facebook Messenger

Reach over 1 billion monthly users by being available on Facebook Messenger 24/7. Your assistant handles incoming requests, collects information, and sends your clients the information they request. 

Automatically Answers people who send messages to your facebook page

When someone clicks the MESSAGE button on your Facebook Page, your assistant can instantly handle the conversation, give your client info, and collect their contact info. 

Install Messenger on your website

Messenger can also serve as a live chat on your website. This allows your lead-gen assistant to grab leads from website visitors while you sleep. 

Discoverable in Facebook Messenger search

Messenger has a Universal search. This is why companies are using Messenger as their customer service portal. Customers can search for your business, click on your logo, and get instant information and support from your lead-gen assistant. 1 BILLION users are waiting for you!

Your Messenger Link: share anywhere!

Your m.me link is a shortened URL that people can use to go directly into a Messenger conversation. You can place an m.me link anywhere – website, app, flyer, SMS, email, etc. to help someone find you more easily in Messenger. 

here’s what you get:

We will build your custom lead-gen assistant for Alexa, Google Assistant, Text, Phone, and Facebook Messenger system. 


21 years of digital marketing and UX expertise
 blended with leading-edge voice technology.

We are full-stack voice skill developers.



We will build your lead assistant so it works with VOICE (someone can call your exclusive number), TEXT (they can also text), Alexa (as a voice skill), Google Assistant (as a voice skill), and Facebook Messenger. 

How does it work?

We build custom interface for you that listens for certain requests, and fulfills those requests. 

How do people find my lead-gen assistant?

We help you position your brand so that you have the best chance for discovery on Amazon.com, and the Google Assistant directory. These platforms have little competition, so now is the time to dominate their search algorithms. 

How is this different from an Alexa Voice Skill?

We not only build you a voice skill for Alexa, but your assistant is also custom engineered to work on several of the largest emerging (and established) platforms in the world. Amazon currently has over 100 million smart speakers on the market, and that number could double this year. Google claims to have over 1 BILLION Assistant enabled devices. This allows you to get on the newest and most exciting platforms before they are over-saturated. 

We build